• Quiet Near Me makes quiet places easily searchable.
  • More and more people live in urban environments. Cities are growing louder and we are living more compact. Quietness is slowly becoming a luxury item. We try to make quietness accessible for everyone.
  • Quietness is a desirable quality. We want to clearly establish that there is a market for quiet businesses. And we would like to offer businesses a way to highlight this asset and use quietness within their own branding. #happytobequiet
  • We want to celebrate quietness. And this without complaining about noise. Both have a time and place. Let's give quietness a positive and recognizable spot on the internet.
  • To raise awareness about noise pollution. Noise pollution is a growing problem, which impacts our health and the environment.

Let's not stay silent about quietness.

it's free it's explicit but not that loud and it only takes a minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us via the contact form below.

We all do! Everyone can submit their quiet & peaceful review of a place. If you have been to one of the quiet places, we highly encourage you to share your experience.

Yes, please do. Go to 'Create a quiet suggestion' in the dropdown menu. We will verify the place and add it to the map. We are trying to gather quiet places and activities from all big cities over the world. There is still, a long way to go. All suggestions welcome.

The quiet-rating reviews the quantity of sound (volume/decibels). While the peaceful-rating says more about the quality of the place (feeling/emotions). A place can be full of sound and at the same time be very peaceful. For example, a field full of crickets is high in volume and also generally considered very peaceful.

Yes. Our hope is that the average rating of a place will give you a good indication of where you can find peace and quiet. This is why we encourage you to review places you have visited at least once.

We believe you and the other like-minded people who are visiting Quiet Near Me are searching for peace and quiet. So if you by chance end up visiting the same place on the same day, it might be more crowded but it will still be quiet. We value more sharing quiet places and explicitly showing that we care for quiet than the possibility that a quiet place becomes the victim of its own success. However, any suggestions on how we could mitigate this problem are welcome.

We would love your support in any shape or form. What you can do: - add quiet suggestions to the map - review the quiet places you know - buy us a coffee (see link below) - share this website Don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form or social media. In any case, happy to hear from you!

Please contact us via info@quietnearme.com. We are happy to hear from you.

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